Where do we ship?


SWELL Wakesurf ships wherever there is water to wakesurf! Even if you don’t have water and just want to put our awesome products in frames on your wall, we’ll get it to you.


In the USA we ship with UPS, USPS, and Fedex, to see how long it will take and cost, just go to the checkout and it will be calculated based on your location.


To Canada, We typically ship Creators from our warehouses in Canada. No time waiting at the border or having customs issues. Our other products we ship with Fedex or DHL. On rare occasion we ship Canada Post, but have not had very good experiences with them.


To Australia, we have Creators in a warehouse in Melbourne. Ship time is usually 2-4 days. For our other products we ship DHL, usually 4-5 days ship time.


For the rest of the world, our international packages ship out with DHL. They have provided us with the best cost, best tracking, and quickest turn-around to ensure you get your wakesurf gear on time and intact!