For the past several years, we have been working with our design and manufacturing partners to bring quality wakesurfing products and accessories directly to the consumer to deliver higher quality goods at a better value than our competition can provide due to their dealer markup.


In 2019 we decided to do the same with wakesurf boards. Working with pro wakesurfers and the top US surfboard manufacturers, we designed 3 wakesurf shapes, a skim, a surf, and a hybrid model. Countless hours surfing behind boat after boat testing these boards has produced what we feel are the best shapes and best quality boards out there.


We didn’t just stop at the perfect shape, we analyzed the foam suppliers, the resin used in the epoxy for the boards, the fiberglass cloth, the carbon lacing, fins, fin boxes, and every other detail to bring you the best.


The Foam: The foam used in these boards isn’t like the competition. This foams density as well as durability make the board lighter, yet stronger and more buoyant, allowing us to reduce the thickness of the board to increase speed and response. This foam isn’t available in Asia, it is custom made to order in the USA and is a big part of why these boards ride and handle so well.


The Resin: The resin is one of the most critical pieces in the construction of a surfboard. This brings all the pieces together. The epoxy resin we have selected is used in the top surfboards ridden by the top pros for the past 30 years, actually one of the first companies to create epoxy specifically for the surfboard industry.


The Cloth: The cloth that we have selected for these boards is called S-Glass, we use 6oz S-Glass. This fiberglass cloth is 10% stronger, lighter, and 30% more durable than the traditional E-glass that most wakesurfers are made of. S-Glass is actually also used to protect our soldiers in battle in both their vehicles and armor. There isn’t a better product for surfboards on the market.


The Carbon: Carbon lacing is important to stiffen the board to get the pop and speed you want from a wakesurfer and add strength and durability to ensure years of fun. The combination of the carbon lacing and S-Glass create a board that has an amazing feel and huge pop.


The Fin Boxes: Having proper fin boxes is key to the long term durability of the board. At SWELL we have installed FCS2 tool-less fin boxes in all of our boards, this allows you to remove and install the fins without tiny screws and tiny wrenches. Just pop in and out when needed. These fin boxes do have the ability to accept any other fins that fit the FCS line as well.


The Fins: The fins are arguably the most important feature to the feel of a board. SWELL has worked with the top suppliers to design fiberglass fins with the perfect balance of flex and stiffness to provide you the quickest power turns and biggest airs. We’ve also placed enough fin boxes on the boards to allow for numerous different setups to accommodate riders of any skill.


The details: We have also incorporated top of the line chinook foot strap inserts that will allow you to strap in and do flips and new tricks as well as help beginners learn with some assistance. Vent plugs inserted into the top of the allow the board to breath in extreme weather conditions to eliminate the chance of delamination. The vent also allows for repairs to the board if should ever crack or chip down to the foam, this allows for the board to be dried out if water gets in so the fixed board doesn’t mold, bubble, or create condensation from the sun.


Why a SWELL Wakesurf Board?

The combination of all of these key materials placed together by experts ensure you are purchasing a board that will allow you to take your surfing to the next level and that you can be proud of.