We carry three different shapers to cover the largest range of boat out there. Each shaper is designed to fulfill specific needs. 

The 2.0

Ultimately your best bet is the 2.0, it’s our most universal shaper, it fits the hull of most boats. As long as you have a surface that is 5’’ high X 13’’ long and flat; the 2.0 is perfect. Ideally the device is mounted within a few inches of the stern, and when underway the device should be a few inches below the water surface and perpendicular to the surface of the water. When at rest this means the nose of the devices should be a couple inches lower than the rear of the device (will vary based on your boat model and the amount of ballast you have).

 The Slim

We know one size does not fit all, which is why we created the SWELL Slim. It’s made for the boats with multiple small steps in their hull. Many of the Mastercraft, Sanger, and Centurion models have benefitted from this design. This model will need roughly 3’’ high X 15”  long. It is the choice when the 2.0 does not fit, if the 2.0 fits you should select that device.

The H3X Series

Our 3rd version and our best yet! We’ve used our experience, as well as engineering from the top fluid dynamics experts, 3D modeling, flow analysis, and real world testing to give you the greatest wake shaper ever created.
The H3X and H3X Plus take customization to the next level, allowing you to personalize your wave to your preference and get the best results


We use the best materials when constructing our products. For example, we use high-quality marine grade polymer wake shaping material combined with industrial suction cups that are strong enough to hold the pressure of the water back, yet do not damage delicate gelcoats or graphic wraps.  This ensures our customers enjoy the perfect wake with equipment that will last a lifetime in the harshest conditions.



Some notes on mounting location:

The closer to the stern the steeper the wave becomes

The further up you position the shaper the longer your wave becomes.